Training on advanced cell culture and data management systems

Joint workshop and hands-on training on Quasi-Vivo cell culture flow system by Kirkstall Ltd. (United Kingdom) and
best practices in data management by Douglas Connect GmbH (Switzerland)








7-8 February 2019

Douglas Connect Laboratory

Technology Park Basel
Hochbergerstrasse 60C Basel




The training organised at Douglas Connect facilities in Basel is dedicated to scientists from industry, academia, consultancy and CROs interested in the application of advanced cell culture systems and to get familiar with the latest approaches related to experimental data management and integrated in vitro - in silico approaches.

The training includes both theory and practices of advanced cell culture techniques and data management practices through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and practical hands-on experience.

The Quasi Vivo® system developed by Kirkstall Ltd. (United Kingdom) is an advanced interconnected cell culture flow system, engineered to provide in vivo like conditions for cell growth.

The event combines hands-on training with seminar sessions to ensure participants have →


Early bird fees available until 31 December 2018

all the necessary skills and knowledge to commence work using 3D and flow conditions for either academic or commercial research.

Further, the resources available at Douglas Connect GmbH (Switzerland) and the achievements towards making in vitro experimental data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR data principles) will be presented and demonstrated during the training.

Ongoing discussions on FAIR are mainly related to large projects and public databases but we will show that following these concepts is also very beneficial when used inside a single institution to improve the sustainability of data and the reproducibility of research.

The demonstration on the two systems will allow the participants to learn more on the dissemination and integration of multiple experimental in vitro data sets using semi-automatic data workflows for further analysis and modelling.


7 February - Day 1

Introduction lectures on risk assessment, 3Rs, overview of in vitro systems, lab demonstrations on Quasi-Vivo® system and data management workflows

9:30   Welcome and introduction lectures:  
11:00   Coffee Break  
11:30   Lecture: Choosing and Calibrating a Pump for Quasi-Vivo® system
12:00   Lunch (not included)
13:00   Lab demonstration:
  • Assembling Quasi-Vivo® system
  • Priming Quasi-Vivo®
  • Calibration of Pump
  • Transfer of cells and start flow experiment
14.30   Coffee break
15:00   Lecture: Best practices in data management and application of FAIR data principles for in vitro studies (by Dr Thomas Exner, Douglas Connect)  
15:30   Demonstration: Data management and data integration workflows  
16:30   End of training day 1  


8 February - Day 2

Hands-on training on Quasi-Vivo® system, applications and discussion on the results

09.00   Introduction to Day 2 activities
09.15   Lab demonstration: Check experiment and reverse flow
09.30   Lecture: Physics of Flow
10.00   Lab demonstration: Remove cells, Alamar blue assay, empty chambers
11.00   Coffee break
11.15   Lecture: Applications of Quasi-Vivo®
12.15   Lunch (not included)
13.15   Lab demonstration: Alamar blue results and wash chambers with EtOH
15.15   Discussion of results
  • Metabolic Competency and Design of 3D, flows and co-culture experiments
  • Data management and integration testing approaches
16.30   End of training day 2

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