Quasi-Vivo training

Quasi-Vivo training

Training on advanced cell culture and data management systems

Joint workshop and hands-on training on Quasi-Vivo cell culture flow system by Kirkstall Ltd. (United Kingdom) and best practices in data management by Douglas Connect GmbH (Switzerland).

Application of advanced cell culture and data management systems, 3-4 October 2018 Technology Park, Hochbergerstrasse 60C Basel, Switzerland

The training organised at Douglas Connect facilities in Basel is dedicated to scientists from industry, academia, consultancy and CROs interested in the application of advanced cell culture systems and to get familiar with the latest approaches related to experimental data management and integrated in vitro - in silico approaches.

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Douglas Connect manages collaborative projects to achieve goals in scientific research, infrastructure development or service provision. Effective collaboration requires many elements including coordination, culture, communications, common understanding, decision-making and interoperability.


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